We Are


Our mission

Harkavy is a group of creative individuals working together to fuel change through mindful investments, and the belief that pushing the needle on issues facing our society means supporting the people, ideas and technology behind those solutions. 

Who We Are

Founded in 2018 and based in Austin, Texas, Harkavy Associates helps companies explore their full potential and put their talent, innovations and creative effort into service of the community. Led by Alex Harkavy, the founding team is comprised of experts from around the world specializing in investment management and business administration.

Our core values


We believe in the power of connection and collaboration.

Nothing happens without a team, so at Harkavy Associates, we believe that collaboration is the key to a successful project


We celebrate diversity.

Hard problems often require thinking outside the box. The best way to do that is to surround ourselves with people of diverse thought and diverse backgrounds.


We believe creativity can change the world.

Creativity in commerce has proved to be one of the foremost engines for good in human history—we plan to keep using it to push the world forward into the future.


We embrace community strength

A business is only as good as the trust it builds within its community. So Harkavy Associates works hard to strengthen its ties with the people, organizations, and small businesses around it so everybody wins.


We believe the best investments are the most authentic ones

We invest in things we believe in; and we believe in the things we invest in—it’s that simple.

Meet Our Founder

After more than 25 years of serving in the CEO position, Alex Harkavy has built his career around the passion and vision to partner with customers to create authentic, mindful and artistic environments and encounters.

He aims to create a dialogue with his partners, express his ideas in an engaging, captivating way, and ultimately build trust with the community around him. Throughout his experience working in politics and the private sector, this belief has permeated through every action, project and team he’s been a part of.

Alex’s management style is extremely approachable, and he is a very hands-on administrator. Alex is fearless in his business approach and his instincts are impeccable. Alex excels at supervising, guiding and motivating other members of the team. He is a born leader and problem solver, easily identifying and proposing solutions to any road bumps that the team hits along the way. Alex is also great at staying on task. More than once, he’s guided the group back to the immediate topic at hand when its focus had begun to err off track. Not only does Alex possess the leadership skills needed for a team leader, but he also has the behind-the-scenes skills as well.


Aksana Kasmachova
Manager at TransX Group of Companies

Alex supports local businesses and startups and constantly searches for new inspiring projects and world-changing ideas. An avid traveler, art enthusiast and philanthropist, he translates his vast experience and creative vision into innovation. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Olena and his vivacious Frenchie Iggy. 

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