Incanto Interiors

Comprised entirely of handmade products, Incanto Interiors prides itself on only the highest of quality for each and every product that leaves the company’s hands. We put our passion for exclusive furniture in the new design boutique in collaboration with Italian company Gervasoni, in Austin, Texas. Gervasoni represents artisanal, eco-friendly craftsmanship inspired by a spirit of Mediterranean eclecticism over its 137-year history. Our founder Alex Harkavy has intentionally chosen Gervasoni furniture because for many years it has been a great source harmony, inspiration and comfort in his home. Incanto Interiors was created to prove that furniture is not just an accessory, but an important part of our life and self-expression.


Why We Love It

We need to surround ourselves with unique objects that we can relate to, that help us uncover our potential and tap into our creativity and imagination, and Incanto speaks to that desire and belief in making something the best it can be.

We have the purpose to combine several materials today, it is the most important trend, in fact we manufacture upholstered products, products made of marble, aluminium, wood, ceramic. This is the Gervasoni Identity, the way to be Gervasoni. This concept makes the difference, Gervasoni’s image is recognized all around the world!


Michele Gervasoni, CEO of Gervasoni 


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